No Regrets

Wasted a year and a half and naw I can never get it back 
How he had me so off track
Made my days dark and black 

Now a new light shines my way
Couldn’t believe in just 1 day
Thought he was mean in a way
But its just how he shows his strengths 

Delightfully productive he gets me goin
All this time I’ve been fooled not knowin
Keepin me from this man who got me glowin
And now I can take him and start showin

Showin off myself to the world as I should
Being with him  yes feels so good
He’s so super fine and every girl would 
Cut off their arm to be with him if they could

But his intellectual is attracted to mine
Its not coincidental it just took a little time 
How in the light how his muscles shine
This mans so much more than a dime 

Charisma with a twist of lime for the kicker
His swag I noticed so much quicker 
And ya his is thick but mine is thicker 
He don’t smoke and he can handle his liquor

Never let’s others cloud his own judgement
First time we spoke he was nothing but a gent 
Webcam sucks but I will take what I can get
They couldn’t keep us apart now I have no regrets