The Last Cry

I’m on that 1 last cry 
Ya feelin that mcknight
You coldly said goodbye
Despite not being right 
I gave you wings to fly
Yet you never took flight
So now my last good bye
Is the epitome of your life

You won’t have a last cry
Yours will be forever 
All the times I tried
Put through great endeavors
Gave you my love so fly
Showered you with natures treasures
And I know my last cry 
Like yours, won’t be forever 

I know your happiness you’ll show
Will be a show, ya just that 
And in all my songs n flows
I know I could attack 
But I’m just speakin the truth of it all
Its my story too the glories and flaws
And naw I never felt a love so strong 
Just hate the fact of knowin ur being wronged

So my last cry ends with you
I got that just another sad love song 
Toni braxton blues
It was always and only you I would choose
Now I choose myself so now you lose 

I was ridin for both for way too long
Even super heroes couldn’t be so strong
My 100 percent I put in plus yours
And still I never made u feel like a chore
So my last cry ends with no scorn 
And yes I’m still happy you were ever born